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Emergency dental care

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The emergency dental care treats patients who need care because of a sudden ache. The clinic is open on weekday nights and on weekends. The emergency dental care gives the first aid that is needed.

Examples of situations where urgent first aid is needed

  • a sudden and severe ache that disturbs the sleep and is no longer alleviated by pain medication
  • a bleeding that cannot be stopped at home
  • s ...

Do the following

Patients primarily come to the emergency dental care clinic after having first contacted it by phone. Please fill out the form for your oral health care history when you come to the clinic or fill it out before you come to the clinic in the My Healthcare service.

If a further appointment is needes, the client is responsible for booking it in the home municipality.

Background information

Emergency oral health care services treat urgent oral health problems that cannot be postponed until the next working day. These include oral, jaw and dental injuries requiring urgent treatment, sudden swelling, and the inability to close one’s mouth. Patients are also advised to seek emergency care if they experience severe bleeding after oral or dental surgery.

However, any ordinary toothaches or pain caused by a chipped tooth that can be managed with painkillers are treated during the day.

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Updated: 12/2/2024