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Economic publications

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The contributions of VATT's researchers are published e.g. in:

  • international scientific, peer-evaluated publications
  • a publication series of VATT or other research organisations
  • the Policy Brief series, which is intended for the general public and which offers an economic perspective to varying themes of topical interest
  • other reports and contributions, such as surveys published by the various ministries or articles in Finnish journals

VATT is part of the international scientific community. Scientific articles written by VATT's researchers are regularly published in international scientific publications. Articles published in the VATT Working Papers series are manuscript-phase surveys that target the above publications.

Final reports of scientific investigations are published in the VATT Research Reports series. VATT Publications, which includes doctoral dissertations and compilations, is merged into VATT Research Reports series. The VATT Mimeo series, in turn, is intended for the publication of interim reports, analyses close to decision-makers, and different types of smaller contributions.

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All of VATT's publications are found at the website.

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The service is free of charge.

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Responsible for the serviceVATT Institute for Economic Research
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