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Demolition permit

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The management of demolition waste must be organised in a way that complies with the environmental protection regulations of Korsholm, and a report must be drawn up of such waste.

Approving a supervisor in charge:

When a building is demolished, a supervisor in charge must be approved for the project, unless the project involves only minor demolition work.

Do the following

Describe in the permit application, in detail, how the demolition work will be organised and the building waste managed and whether usable components and parts can still be reused. Submit the permit application to the municipal building supervisory authority.

To whom and on what terms

No permit is required if it is stated in a valid building permit or another decision issued by the authorities that the building must be demolished. Neither is a permit required for the demolition of an outbuilding or any other minor building, unless the building can be considered to be historically or architecturally important.

If the entrepreneur has established itself in another country in the European Economic Area and temporarily offers services in Finland, the same permits are required as from entrepreneurs established in Finland.

Period of validity


Background information

In an area covered by a local detailed plan, a building or its part may not be demolished without a permit. The permit is granted by the municipal building supervisory authority. The demolition permit is also required for buildings outside an area covered by a local detailed plan if a building prohibition is in force or if it is so stated in the local master plan.

Even if no permit is required for the demolition, the municipal building supervisory authority must be notified of the demolition 30 days before the start of the work.

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