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Declaring goods as a business customer

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When your company receives goods imported from outside the EU customs and fiscal territory, or from inside the EU customs territory but outside the EU fiscal territory, you must, in most cases, submit an import declaration to Customs. If a consignment of goods requires a customs clearance, you will be informed accordingly by the courier company.

You must clear goods before they can be used or sol ...

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Before using the service, please read the instructions for identification and how to use the services on the Customs website.

Paying in the service

Pay the duties, taxes and charges payable when submitting the declaration if your company does not have the Customs authorisation for comprehensive guarantee and payment deferment. If your company has the authorisation, you will receive both a release and a customs clearance decision after the declaration has been accepted. During the next month, you will receive a consolidated invoice called periodic filing.

In the Customs Clearance Service, you can pay a customs invoice in an online bank or as a card payment (Visa Credit/Debit and Mastercard Credit/Debit).

After you have submitted the customs clearance and paid any related taxes, the postal consignment will be delivered directly to you or a Posti pick-up point of your choosing.

When clearing a cargo consignment through customs, save the release decision and be prepared to deliver it to the carrier of your consignment so that the consignment can be released from the warehouse. Most warehouse managers receive the release information directly to their systems from Customs.

The customs clearance must be submitted and any related taxes paid within the time specified by the carrier, or the carrier will return your consignment to the consignor.

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