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Declaring goods as a business customer

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In general, businesses have to submit import declarations for goods imported from outside the EU customs and fiscal territory, or from inside the EU customs territory, but outside the EU fiscal territory. If a consignment of goods requires a customs clearance, you will always be informed accordingly by the courier company or by Posti.

You cannot use or sell the goods before completing a customs clearance. Cash customers’ goods will be released only after they have paid for the customs invoice including import duties.

If your company regularly imports goods, you can apply for authorisation for comprehensive guarantee or payment deferment. The holder of an authorisation for payment deferment gets possession of their goods before paying import duties, taxes and other payments, and has about a one-month term of payment for import duties.

Choose the appropriate Customs clearance method:

  • Clear your goods online with the import clearance services of Customs. The service is free of charge and always available.
  • Use the Message exchange service between businesses and Customs. Message exchange is the declaration method of choice if the business has a large number of declarations that contain several goods items.
  • Purchase customs declarations as a service from a forwarding agency. Contact the service provider for more information and instructions.
  • Book an appointment at a Customs office.

Do the following

1. Declaring goods online

Sign in to Customs Import clearance service using your Katso ID. You will need a Master User ID or Katso ID with the role CUSTOMS - Customs clearance attached.

You can find more detailed instructions in the service.

You will receive the clearance decision from the customs clearance service by email. The decision is also a customs invoice including customs duties, taxes and payments.

If you are a credit customer, you will receive a decision on release simultaneously with the clearance decision. Pay the customs invoice within 10 days of the invoice date. Cash customers receive a decision on release only after paying the customs invoice. Select either online bank or card payment (Visa debit/credit and MasterCard debit/credit) as the payment method.

After you have completed the customs clearance and paid the customs duties, your goods will be delivered directly to you or to a Posti pick-up point of your choosing.

Freight consignments will receive a decision on release from the customs clearance service. In order for the goods to be handed to you from the storage, you must give the release decision to the carrier.

Complete the customs clearance and pay possible duties within the time announced by the courier company. Otherwise the courier will return your consignment to the sender.

1. Declaring goods at a customs office

A postal consignment can be cleared at any office handling customs clearances. Always check the opening times of the customs office that declares postal consignments on the Customs website in advance.

A freight consignment can only be cleared through the closest customs office providing customer services. When required, clarify the storage location of your consignment with the carrier.

Bring with you:

  • an arrival notification
  • an order confirmation, invoice or receipt
  • proof of ID and any additional documents related to the consignment.

Acceptable payment methods include cash, bank card, Visa, MasterCard, Visa Electron, Maestro and cheque.

Please note that you cannot collect your consignment from Customs, because it is stored by Posti or the carrier company.

Posti will deliver your consignment directly to you or a Posti pick-up point of your choosing after you have cleared the consignment through customs and paid the import duties (customs duties).

The carrier may hand over your consignment only after receiving your release decision of the customs clearance.

To whom and on what terms

The service is free of charge.

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