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Decision on a right of use in accordance with the Finnish Water Act

  • Permit or other obligation
  • Nationwide except the Åland Islands
  • Public service

A right to use the project area is required in order to gain a water permit. If the area is not owned by the person in charge of the project, the applicant must have a right to use the area. This applies to, for example, placing a pier, damn or pipe to someone else's area, using a built structure that is owned by someone else, submerging the land area of another person under water or even purchasi ...

Do the following

Apply for a right of use with its proposal for compensation in conjunction with a water permit application. However, an application for a right to place a sewer pipe should be applied for in conjunction with an environmental permit application.

Prepare and submit a separate right-of-use application with its proposal for compensation electronically to the Regional State Administrative Agency. In addition to the basic details referred to in the government decree on the management of water resources (1560/2011), the right-of-use application should also include maps in accordance with section 15 of the decree and other clarifications regarding the right-of-use areas.

If the application concerns buildings, you should also attach the details outlined in section 15 of the decree.

To whom and on what terms

The prerequisites to grant a right of use are defined in the Water Act.

The conditions and criteria are listed in chapter 4, section 3–4, chapter 17, section 8 and chapter 19, sections 18–19 of the Water Act.

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Regional State Administrative Agency
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