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Cultural youth work

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The cultural youth work offers possibilities to self-expression, hobbies and forming an own identity. This happens through various cultural hobbies and meaningful cultural activities.

The cultural youth work contains many kinds of activities and events: band and musical activities, concerts, camps, theatre, dance, skating, manual skills and multisulturalism.

The youth services of the city of Vaasa offer the youth for instance music and band education in Rock school (Rokkikoulu) and the thrills of speed at the Skate hall.

The multicultural youth work is based on voluntariness and the equality of all humans. The cultural manners and upbringing are taken into account in the work. Some of the small groups or clubs can be directed towards girls or boys, but in general the activities are open for everybody. The multicultural youth work adds to the tolerance and mutual interaction between the youngsters.

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Frmo the youth information and guidance services pages at Reimari,, you can also find information about various leisure activities arranged in and around Vaasa.

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