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Company notification of consumer service causing a hazard

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If a service causes a hazard, the operator is obliged to notify the supervisory authority of the service that caused the hazard and its measures. On the form, the operator notifies Tukes of a hazard caused by a consumer service, such as an accident, a hazardous situation, a serious near miss situation or other hazards related to the service.

Do the following

The notification shall be made if the service or the product used to perform the service causes:

- a health hazard

- accident (e.g. fire or accident requiring hospital treatment)

- a hazardous situation or

- serious near misses. A near miss situation is an unexpected event that could have resulted in an accident.

Even a smaller risk factor in the service may require that a notification be made in the following situations:

- The service has a lot of users.

- The hazard is not obvious, which means that it is difficult for the consumer to detect it.

- It is a service intended for children, young people or the elderly.

In addition to the above, a service causing a hazard must be notified in the following cases:

- In a hazardous situation, life(/lives) has been lost or is at risk.

- An ambulance or rescue service has been required for the accident scene.

- There is a new type of hazard detected in the service. The notification is used to disseminate information about the new hazard type.

- The area’s safety arrangements fail or were not sufficient to combat the danger. This is the case, for example, if bystanders have to save drowning in a swimming pool or spa.

- In case of doubt, it is better to make a notification than not to.

To whom and on what terms

Consumer Safety Act (920/2011, Section 8): If the operator becomes aware or should be able to conclude, on the basis of the information in their possession based on their professional skills, that a consumer product or consumer service poses a risk to the health or property of a person, they shall immediately inform Tukes of this. At the same time, the operator must indicate what measures are already taken to eliminate the hazard.

The service is free of charge.

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