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Responsible for the service Finnish Customs

Clearing goods brought in by travellers

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You are responsible for clearing any goods you have brought from a trip or any other goods that need to be declared to Customs.

If you have something to declare, please choose the red channel upon arrival or declare the goods in another manner to Customs. If you are obliged to pay import duties for the goods you have brought, you can pay them in connection to the customs clearance.

Restrictions may apply to the goods brought in by travellers based on the value and amount of the goods, for example. The restrictions vary depending on how and where from you arrived in Finland. For more information on goods brought in by travellers, please visit the website of Customs. You can find the link in the service descriptions. You can also ask for help and more details from the customs authorities.

Do the following

After arriving, choose either green or red channel based on whether you have something to declare.

By choosing the red channel, you are letting Customs know that you have something to declare. If you arrive by train, please contact the customs authorities on the train or the train’s mobile patrol and tell them about your goods that need to be cleared.

To whom and on what terms

The service is free of charge.

Basic information

The service is provided byFinnish Customs
Responsible for the serviceFinnish Customs
Area Whole Finland
Available languagesFinnish, Swedish, English
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Updated: 10/2/2022