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Responsible for the service Digital and Population Data Services Agency

Checking your personal data

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You can check all your personal data stored in the Population Information System. You can see, among other things, your personal relationship and address information as well as your previous information.

The Population Information System is a register containing

  • personal data on Finnish citizens living both in Finland and abroad
  • personal data on foreign citizens who reside in Finland or who have some other sufficient connection to Finnish society
  • information on properties, buildings and apartments.

Do the following

Checking personal data from the Population Information System as online service

You can check your information on the Personal Data page of the online service. Identify yourself on the Personal Data page. You can report or edit your previously reported information.

To log in to the service, you need online banking IDs, mobile certificate or identity card, and a card reader on your computer.

Inspection request on form

If you cannot use the online service, you can send a request for data inspection to the Digital and Population Data Services Agency. Download the Population Information System’s right to data inspection form.

You can import the form to the service location or send it by mail.

Are there errors in your data?

If there are deficiencies or something that needs to be corrected in your building information, contact the building control authority of the municipality in which the building is located. The authority can update information concerning the ownership of the building directly to the Population Information System.

In other cases, please contact the Digital and Population Data Services Agency.

As a rule, addresses that are from more than four years ago are not corrected or changed. In addition, information on family relationships that were excluded from the register when the Population Information System was established will not be supplemented.

To whom and on what terms

You can only check your information if you have a Finnish personal identity code and electronic identification means, such as online banking IDs, mobile certificate or identity card.

The service is free of charge.

Basic information

The service is provided byDigital and Population Data Services Agency
Responsible for the serviceDigital and Population Data Services Agency
Area Whole Finland
Available languagesSwedish, English, Finnish
Text edited by: Digital and Population Data Services Agency
Updated: 30/4/2021