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Certificate of competence for transporting animals

  • Permit or other obligation
  • Nationwide except the Åland Islands
  • Public service

You must have an animal transporter competence certificate if you transport animals and the following requirements are met:

  1. transports are commercial*
  2. the length of the transport is over 65 km
  3. the animals transported are equidae, bovine, ovine, caprine or porcine animals or poultry;
  4. you are responsible for the welfare, care and handling of animals during transport.

The certificate is ...

Do the following

Send an application for the certificate of competence to the registry of the Regional State Administrative Agency of your place of residence electronically or by post and attach to that:

  • a copy of the diploma or
  • a copy of the certificate of participation in the training and a copy of the certificate of completion of the proficiency test

If you transport animals as a sole trader or as part of your company operations, you also need an animal transporter authorisation. If the transport lasts more than 8 hours, you need a certificate of approval of your vehicle.

To whom and on what terms

You will be issued a certificate of competence if you:

  1. have attended the training for transporting animals for the species in question
  2. passed the transporter's test of competence

You can find more information on training providers from the training institutions and the Finnish Food Authority's website. The training must meet the requirements of legislation.

If you have a diploma in equine or agricultural studies indicating that you have completed the training and competence test for a transporter of animals, you can directly apply for a certificate of competence.


You can start the commercial transport of animals once you have received a certificate of competence.

Processing time

If the application does not need to be supplemented, the processing time is 1–2 months.

Period of validity

As a rule, the certificate is valid until you turn 70. You can then apply for an extension to the certificate of competence.

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