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Car Tax - Business taxpayers

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The car tax must be paid for passenger cars, vans, motorcycles and quadricycles registered or taken into use for the first time in Finland.

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A company that imports new or used vehicles, manufactures vehicles or intends to import or manufacture vehicles may apply to become a registered issuer of car tax return of the Finnish Tax Administration. The application is free of charge and is made in MyTax. The registered issuer of car tax return first registers the vehicle and then submits a car tax return.

A company that is not registered in the Finnish Tax Administration's car tax issuer register first submits a car tax return and can then start using the vehicle and register it.

There are specific cases of tax-exempt use where this rule does not apply.

Corporate customers can submit a car tax return in MyTax or via the technical interface (API) provided by the Tax Administration.

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Updated: 18/12/2023