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Business development aid

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Business development aid is granted on a discretionary basis and intended as a financial instrument when the company launches a development project that is different from its normal operations. Business development aid can be granted to fund the company's development efforts, such as internationalisation, product and service development and investments. Investment means either tangible or intangib ...

Do the following

  1. Before submitting your application, you should outline the content of the development project as well as examine the availability and sufficiency of other own funds required for the project. We also recommend contacting an expert of the ELY Centre in your region and discuss the eligibility for funding the project before submitting the application.
  2. You can apply for development aid using the online application submission service (Yritystukien sähköinen asiointi).
  3. Apply for payment of the development aid using the online application submission service (Yritystukien sähköinen asiointi).

General advice on development aid and related online advice is also provided by Enterprise Finland’s national telephone service.

To whom and on what terms

Business development aid is granted by the government on a discretionary basis. It can be granted to SMEs that pursue the comprehensive and significant development of their operations and that meet the requirements for profitable business and have sufficient own resources for development measures to improve competitiveness.

The company can be compensated for up to 50% of the labour, consulting, travel, exhibition and other expenses related to development measures and used as the basis for the aid. Investments in the project can be supported with 10–35% of the expenses used as the basis for the aid, depending on the company's size and location.

The aid must be applied for before the project is started. It should be noted that, for example, the conclusion of a contract relating to the project, the placing of an order, the delivery of an order, a payment for a purchase or any other commitment that makes the project irreversible constitutes the start of the project. Preparatory work done for the project, such as planning, obtaining permits and feasibility studies, is not considered as the start of the project.

Business development aid cannot be granted to a fishery, farm or forest holding. Nor can it be granted for the processing of agricultural products and for marketing operations. In addition, such aid cannot be granted for investments in the energy and transport sector.

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Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment

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ELY Centre for North Karelia, ELY Centre for Southeast Finland, ELY Centre for North Ostrobothnia, ELY Centre for Pirkanmaa, ELY Centre for South Ostrobothnia, ELY Centre for Kainuu, ELY Centre for Lapland, ELY Centre for Varsinais-Suomi, ELY Centre for Ostrobothnia, ELY Centre for North Savo, ELY Centre for Central Finland, ELY Centre for Uusimaa, ELY Centre for Satakunta, ELY Centre for South Savo, ELY Centre for Häme

Responsible for the service

Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment
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Updated: 6/6/2023