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Building permit

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You need a building permit for new construction, renovation and alteration work that are comparable to construction or expansion. You also need a permit to change a cold porch or warehouse into a heated space. You always need a building permit to build a car shelter or a sauna building as well as for sauna facilities in an apartment.

With regard to renovation, the nature and extent of the renovat ...

Do the following

Applications for a building permit must be submitted to the municipal building supervisory authority, which also provides advice in the matter.

The application for the building permit may be submitted by the titleholder of the building site (the owner, the person authorised by the owner, or the person controlling the building site on the basis of a lease or other agreement).

In most cases, neighbours must be notified when an application for a building permit is submitted. 'Neighbour' refers to owners and titleholders of adjacent or opposite properties or other areas. The fact that the application has been submitted must at the same time be publicised on the building site by suitable means. The notification is not required when the project is of minor nature, or the impact of the project is not relevant to the neighbours' interests. The need to hear the neighbours is determined by the building supervisory authority.

The City of Raisio’s building control department uses the e-service for permit processing.

The service covers the entire life cycle of the construction project from the first request for advice or contact to the completion of the project. Submit all permit applications electronically through the e-service. Submit the plans related to the permit applications in PDF format.

You need the following attachments for a building permit application:

  • Submit the maps related to the building permit to the service after submitting the application
  • Site blueprints
  • Report on the hearing or consent of neighbours
  • Report on the founding and foundation conditions of the building site and the type of foundation
  • Report of the qualification of the designer(s)

The principal designer should present the plans to the building control department already at the draft stage, i.e. before submitting the building permit. Then you can find out which attachments are required for the application in advance.

If you submit the permit application in paper form, the building control department will charge you for the conversion of the documents into electronic format in accordance with the valid building control rates.

To whom and on what terms

The permit is granted if all requirements for the permit have been met. If the project deviates from the provisions and regulations, a permit for an exception to the restrictions may be required before the building permission is granted.

If the entrepreneur has established itself in another country in the European Economic Area and temporarily offers services in Finland, the same permits are required as from entrepreneurs established in Finland.

Processing time

The processing time for building permits is approximately four weeks after all documents relevant to the permit decision have been submitted.

Period of validity

After the building permit has been granted, the construction work must begin within three years. The building permit is valid for five years.

Background information

A building permit or other official approval is required for nearly all construction work. A building permit or an action permit is also required for extending a building or for substantial repair and alteration work or for work aimed at altering the intended use of a building. A minor construction project may only require an action permit or a notification to the municipal building supervisory authority. Provisions on these matters are contained in the Land Use and Building Act. A municipality may also, in its building code, determine which measures require a building permit and an action permit.

In addition to provisions on the permits and the preconditions for granting a permit, the Land Use and Building Act also contains provisions on the documents used in permit applications, designers’ competence requirements, the construction work and the persons responsible for the construction project.

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