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Authorisation for the use of seals of a special type

  • Permit or other obligation
  • Nationwide
  • Public service

Customs can authorise a party responsible for transits of goods to attach seals of a special type to means of transport or packages. The seals must be approved by Customs. The seals must meet the ISO standard 17712:2013 or the requirements of the Implementing Regulation of the Union Customs Code.

The following is required to obtain an authorisation:

  • The company regularly uses the Union transit procedure and is established in the customs territory of the Union.
  • The company has not committed any serious infringements of customs or tax legislation.
  • The company has a management system for transport data.
  • The person responsible for the company’s customs matters has practical competence or professional qualifications related to the transit procedure.

Characteristics of customs seals:

  • They remain intact and securely fastened in normal use.
  • They are easy to check and identify.
  • They are manufactured so that any breakage, tampering or removal leaves traces visible to the naked eye.
  • They are designed for single use. If they are intended for multiple use, a clear, individual identification mark can be made on the seals each time they are re-used.
  • They have individual seal identifiers which are permanent, easy to read and uniquely numbered.
  • The form and measurements of the seals may vary according to the sealing method. The size of the seals shall be adequate to ensure that the identification marks are easy to read.
  • The identification marks of seals shall be impossible to falsify and difficult to reproduce.
  • The material used shall be resistant to accidental breakage and such as to prevent undetectable falsification or reuse of seals.

The seals shall have the following markings:

  • EORI number (for example: FI1234567-8)
  • Unique identifier for the seal

The authorisation can be issued in Finnish or Swedish.

Do the following

You can find instructions for applying for the authorisation on Customs’ website under “Authorisations”.

To whom and on what terms

The service is free of charge.

Processing time

The processing time for authorisation applications is 120 days from when they are approved for processing. An application can be approved for processing when it contains all the details needed to make a decision, i.e. the application is fully completed and accompanied with the necessary attachments.

Basic information

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