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Applying to be a verifier of emissions trading

  • Permit or other obligation
  • Nationwide
  • Public service

The verifier organisations used as emissions trading verifiers need the approval of the Energy Authority to act as a verifier.

The FINAS accreditation service, which acts as an external evaluator required by the Emissions Trading Act, is responsible for evaluating the proficiency of the verifier.

Each year, emissions trading verifiers verify the emissions reports of operators covered by the Emis ...

Do the following

Before applying, review the regulations and guidelines for the verification of emissions trading and apply for accreditation from FINAS.

Apply to be approved as a verifier by completing the application form in the electronic emissions trading system FINETS. The application must be accompanied by the FINAS accreditation decision with its annexes or by an accreditation decision issued by another accreditation unit in the European Economic Area.

To whom and on what terms

Approval as a verifier is subject to the following conditions:

  • the verifier is functionally and economically independent
  • the verifier has sufficiently professional and impartial staff at their disposal
  • the verifier is able to apply the provisions and standards on emissions trading and the Commission of the European Communities
  • guidelines issued under the Emissions Trading Directive
  • the verifier is aware of the generation of data on each source of emissions from activities in their area of competence, in particular on the collection, measurement, calculation and reporting of figures
  • the verifier has sufficient financial resources to properly organise the activities and to cover any liability
  • the verifier is a legal person registered in Finland or is part of such a legal person.

In order to use the FINETS system, the verifier organisation must submit the completed and signed power of attorney forms to the Energy Authority for persons operating in the e-service on behalf of the verifier. You can request to obtain the power of attorney forms from

Period of validity

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Updated: 18/2/2021