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Applying to be a verifier for sustainability criteria

  • Permit or other obligation
  • Nationwide
  • Public service

Verifiers verifying the implementation of the sustainability system of operators producing or using biofuels, bioliquids or biomass fuels are approved by the Energy Authority.

The competence of the verifier of sustainability criteria is assessed by FINAS or by an accreditation body of another European Economic Area state.

In the approval decision, the Energy Authority determines the scope of th ...

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The applicant must contact the Energy Authority to initiate the application process. Contact requests can be sent to

To whom and on what terms

The verifier of the sustainability criteria shall be an entity or foundation or a part thereof. The verifier shall be independent from the verifier's duties referred to in the law. The verifier must also have sufficient professional, independent personnel and the equipment, tools and systems required for the operation. In addition, the verifier shall have adequate liability insurance or other similar arrangement deemed adequate, taking into account the nature and extent of the activity.

The Energy Authority shall approve the verifier if compliance with the conditions for the approval of the verifier has been established in the accreditation procedure of FINAS or another accreditation body of a European Economic Area state.

The Energy Authority may approve the verifier for a fixed period of time to complete the FINAS accreditation process.

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Energy Authority

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Energy Authority
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Updated: 6/5/2021