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Animal welfare

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If you suspect that an animal is being treated in violation of the Animal Welfare Act, please contact the animal welfare authorities, which include the city’s veterinarians and health inspectors and the police.

Please report the violation primarily by email. In case of an emergency, please report the violation by phone.

Outside office hours, urgent animal protection cases are always reporte ...

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Background information

If you suspect animal abuse and neglect report this to the municipal veterinarian, the municipal health protection authority or the police. Animals must the protected from distress, pain and suffering in the best possible way and every effort must be made to promote the welfare and good treatment of animals. The Animal Welfare Act contains provisions on animal premises, feed, care and breeding.

Enforcing the Animal Welfare Act is the joint responsibility of municipalities and central government authorities such as the police.

In urgent cases, contact the police by calling the emergency number 112.

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Updated: 2/12/2023