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Animal welfare payment

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Animal welfare payments are paid for cattle, pigs, sheep and goats and poultry (broilers and turkeys) throughout the country.

The animal welfare allowance can be paid to applicants who are committed to it. You can apply for the commitment in the Vipu service or by using paper form 472

Do the following

Apply for an animal welfare payment commitment in the Vipu service or form 472. Submit the form to the agricultural authority of the municipality in which you are located.

To whom and on what terms

The animal welfare payment includes measures selected by animal species that improve animal welfare. The compensation is paid on the basis of the calculated costs arising from the implementation of the measure, for example on the basis of working hours and materials.

The amount of compensation is based on the actual number of livestock units for the selected measures.

In the case of pigs and poultry, the payment of the compensation is subject to the condition that you report the actual number of animals in the Vipu service or on paper form 461.

The service is free of charge.

Basic information

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Updated: 18/1/2021