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Responsible for the service The Municipality of Sipoo

3D Printer

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The library's 3D printer is a Ultimaker 2+. The material used in the printer is biodegradable PLA-plastic. 3D models are used for printing.

The software used for preparing the files for printing is Ultimaker Cura. Using the software, it's possible to make changes to the 3D model and convert the file into a format that the Ultimaker 2+ can read.

The printing time is affected by the 3D model's siz ...

Do the following

The staff instructs and guides in using the 3D printer and Cura-software and in finding finished 3D models online. The staff does not help in creating models.

You can inquire about free printing times by visiting or calling the library.

You can bring the 3D file to the library using a USB stick or send it as an attachment via e-mail.

To whom and on what terms

  • The library reserves the right to deny printing of certain object
  • The printer can only be used during the library's open hours
  • The staff cannot assist in creating your own models

The service is provided by

The Municipality of Sipoo

Responsible for the service

The Municipality of Sipoo
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Updated: 6/3/2023