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Ombudsman for Equality

The Ombudsman for Equality provides guidance and information on discrimination due to gender, gender identity and gender expression, and promotion of gender equality.

Tasks of the Ombudsman for Equality:

  • Monitoring compliance with the Act on Equality between Women and Men, particularly its prohibitions of discrimination
  • Providing information about the Equality Act and its application
  • Promoting the implementation of the Equality Act’s intention by means of initiatives, advice and guidance
  • Monitoring the implementation of equality between women and men in different sectors of society
  • Taking action to promote reconciliation in matters concerning discrimination referred to in the Equality Act.

The Ombudsman has authority on matters related to gender, gender identity and gender expression. The authority of the Ombudsman consist of both combating discrimination and promoting equality. The Ombudsman carries out his tasks primarily by providing guidance and advice.

The Ombudsman for Equality is an independent authority and located under the administrative branch of the Ministry of Justice.

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