Go directly to contents. Messages can now also be activated in MyTax - you will receive notifications from MyTax and other official messages electronically

Published 1/3/2023 Messages can now be activated in MyTax. When you activate Messages at the latest on 16 March, you will be notified to your email already this spring as soon as your pre-filled tax return is in MyTax. In addition, you will also receive messages from other authorities electronically instead of paper mail. 

Once you have activated Messages, tax returns, letters and decisions will no longer arrive on paper by mail to your home – everything can always be found in MyTax.   

Do a small eco-act – activate Messages 

In addition to the Tax Administration, in the future you will receive Messages electronically for all authorities and municipalities that use Messages in their own services. You can also receive the Messages to the application if you have downloaded it to your phone.

You can check for all organisations and services, which send Messages. The aim is that more and more authorities would send their messages through Messages. 

The use of the Messages service is thus a small and easy eco-act. This saves the environment from the loading caused by printing and transporting paper mail. 

New: Activate Messages through MyTax 

You can activate Messages by identifying yourself in Messages and selecting from the settings an electronic communication method with the authorities. If you want to convert your communication method to paper mail, you can easily do so by changing the settings.

Now you can also activate the Messages service through My Tax on the Communications tab. For more detailed instructions, see and MyTax. Web Service is provided by the Digital and Population Data Services Agency. The activation of Messages through MyTax is the result of co-development by the Digital and Population Data Services Agency and the Tax Administration and an example of cooperation between the authorities aimed at facilitating clients' activities and promoting e-services.  

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