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Recruitment wizard

Start the recruitment wizardStage 1/9

When you are planning to employ staff, you should specify as precisely as possible the needs or tasks for which your company needs workers.

By answering the questions you get a check-list which has information about the things you need to take into account and deal with when employing someone. The check-list also has information about the different ways of taking someone on to work. If you want to, you can print out the checklist.

You can use the recruitment wizard in any stage of employing someone and you can even go through it again and check that everything is in order. However, you must remember that the check-list is not an exhaustive list of things that have to be taken care of; you have to get to know the subject yourself and ensure that you have taken into account the special circumstances associated with your sector for example.

Answer all the questions according to the current situation. You can go backwards in a stage and change your answers if you wish, but you can only move forwards one stage at a time because your answers could affect the questions in the following stages.