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Choosing a place of treatment

As a public healthcare client, you can choose your place of treatment when you require non-emergency care. You can choose any health centre in Finland. You can choose together with your doctor the specialised medical care unit in which you wish to be treated. Information about changing your health centre or hospital, or about the service voucher, is provided primarily by your own local health centre or hospital district.

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Choosing a health centre

As a public healthcare client, you can choose which health centre you wish to use.

Choosing a hospital

If you wish, you may also choose your specialised medical care provider from any location in Finland.

Choosing the doctor, nurse or other professional who will treat me

The possibility of choosing the health care professional who will treat you depends on the municipality and the place of treatment.

Choosing other healthcare services

The municipalities and hospital districts can decide themselves how freedom of choice will be put into practice in other healthcare services.

Using the service voucher when choosing a place of treatment

If your municipality accepts service vouchers, you can choose this option to obtain other services than public social welfare and healthcare services.

Choosing a place of treatment in a temporary municipality of residence

You can also receive treatment outside your municipality of residence without having to change your place of treatment to that municipality.