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Submitting a sustainability criteria report

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The sustainability criteria report is used to monitor the sustainability of raw materials used by operators supplying or producing biofuels and bioliquids. An operator with a sustainability criteria scheme submits an annual sustainability criteria report.

The sustainability criteria report must include information on raw materials for biofuel and bioliquids batches released for consumption, quant ...

Do the following

1 Fill in the required information in the Excel template for the sustainability criteria report. If you are using your own Excel table, make sure that the data in the table is in accordance with the guidelines and template provided by the Energy Authority. Do not lock the table or protect it by a password; the requested data might be copied from the table.

2 Obtain the verifier’s statement on the verification of compliance with the sustainability scheme.

3 Submit the sustainability criteria report by email to the registry of the Energy Authority.

Questions and a request to join the sustainability criteria distribution list can be sent to


The sustainability criteria report must be submitted to the Energy Authority by the end of March of the year following the current calendar year.

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