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Street maintenance

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The maintenance work carried out by the city includes cleaning and ploughing of the street and market areas, prevention of slipperiness, removal of packed snow and the transport of snow to reception areas.

In the winter, the streets in Vantaa are maintained in the order determined by the maintenance classification. During the summer, all street areas are swept and washed with machines. Damages in asphalt and stone-paved areas are repaired, and traffic signs, waste bins and other equipment, as well as kerbstones, are installed if needed.

In addition to the City of Vantaa, the traffic areas in Vantaa are also maintained by the Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency, Finavia and private road maintenance associations. For example, the Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency is responsible for highways, main roads and ring roads, while Finavia is responsible for the airport’s surroundings.

The maintenance responsibility of the train stations and their surroundings is divided between the city, the Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency and VR. For example, the city is not responsible for the stairways leading to the platform.

Property-owners are responsible for maintaining their access roads and removing snow.

Background information

The municipalities are responsible for maintaining streets, marketplaces, squares, parks, plantings and other similar public spaces in areas covered by a local detailed plan and keeping them clean. As a site owner, you have the duty to keep the street area adjacent to the site clean.

Street maintenance includes repairing broken street paving or re-paving the street and, if the street is unpaved, ensuring that the street is level and keeping the dust down. The municipality also maintains the street fixtures, traffic islands, protective railings, road signs and similar equipment.

Street maintenance includes removing snow and ice and treating slippery road surfaces. A municipality may decide to only partly maintain a certain area in winter, if this does not cause significant obstruction to traffic and mobility.

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