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Lukkarin koulu

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Lukkarin koulu is situated in Nikkilä in Sipoo, close to the municipal centre. The school has classes for pupils in grades 1–6, one composite class, and one class for preparatory education. The school has approximately 200 pupils. The education is provided in Finnish.

In addition to classrooms used for basic education, the school houses a school library, a classroom for music and textile crafts, ...

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Telephone number

Rauno Mononen, principal
+358 405968476 
(local/mobile network fee)
+358 405899549 
(local/mobile network fee)
1.-2. lk opettajat
+358 401986062 
(local/mobile network fee)
3.-4. lk opettajat
+358 405783690 
(local/mobile network fee)
5.-6. lk opettajat
+358 503201542 
(local/mobile network fee)


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Updated: 16/10/2023