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Morning and Afternoon Activities

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The municipality of Sipoo organizes voluntary morning and afternoon activities (before and after school activities) for all pupils in grades 1–2. In some schools the activities are also available for pupils in other grades, provided there are available places in the group. Pupils with a decision on special support may take part in the activities until they transfer to grade six. Sipoo has committe ...

Do the following

Please apply for a place for your child in morning and afternoon activities primarily online, via Wilma. Application period for the following school year is in the spring. You will find the application form in Wilma: on the opening site, choose the menu at the site top (three lines), and click on “Forms” (Lomakkeet) under it. Please note that it is not possible to fill in the form using the Wilma app on your mobile phone.

Outside the main application period, you may also use a paper form to apply for a place. The school will provide you with the form. Please use the paper form if the pupil for whom your applying for a place is on grades 3–6, or moves to Sipoo from another municipality. In cases where the pupil moves to Sipoo in the middle of the school term, it is possible to apply for a place also for the present year.

Contact the principal in your school for more information about morning and afternoon activities.

To whom and on what terms

Morning and afternoon activities are intended for grade 1 and 2 pupils and pupils receiving special-needs support in all grades.

Purpose of the activities

The general objective of organizing morning and afternoon activities is to contribute to the children’s holistic welfare and to offer them a safe habitat both before and after school hours. The purpose of the activities is to support children in their growth and development, lay foundations on favourable leisure time habits and to support families and schools in carrying out their educational tasks. In addition, the activities are organized to prevent risk factors appearing when children spend time alone or on their own without supervision.

Contents of the activities

Morning and afternoon activities are of a special character as far as their contents are concerned. Various and based on the children’s needs, they are completely voluntary. The actors organizing and providing the morning and afternoon activities define and choose the specific contents for the activities, including eventual emphasis on subjects or themes. Content entities within morning and afternoon activities are defined as follows in the National core curriculum for morning and afternoon activities (Perusopetuksen aamu- ja iltapäivätoiminnan perusteet):

  1. Ethical growth and equality; 2. Play and interaction; 3. Exercise and outdoor activities; 4. Eating and rest; 5. Culture and traditions; 6. Manual skills and handicrafts; 7. Visual, musical, bodily and verbal expression; 8. Media skills; 9. Daily chores; 10. Living environment and sustainable way of living; 11. Various mental and practical subjects.

Time for activities

Morning and afternoon activities are arranged primarily on weekdays, approximately between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. It is not possible to give exact times for activities, as they vary slightly between locations. Contact your school directly for more detailed information. Morning activities are not organized at all schools. Both morning and afternoon activities take place during schooldays, not during holidays.

Background information

Grade 1 and 2 pupils as well as pupils receiving special-needs support in all grades may apply for morning and afternoon activities in basic education. Morning and afternoon activities can be provided on working days mainly between 7.00 and 17.00.

The objective of the activities is to support children’s growth and development, promote their well-being and equality, prevent exclusion and reinforce inclusion.

The municipality is responsible for the morning and afternoon activities as a whole. It may organise the activities itself or together with other municipalities, or outsource the services to NGOs, communities and companies. The monthly fees collected for morning and afternoon activities are at the discretion of the municipality. However, the municipality has no obligation to organise these activities.

The school’s club activities or basic education in the arts may also be a child’s morning or afternoon activities.

The municipality and the wellbeing services county organise morning and afternoon activities for children with disabilities as interface cooperation.

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The Municipality of Sipoo

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The Municipality of Sipoo
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Updated: 19/12/2022