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Passenger cards

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An accommodation business operator is responsible for completing passenger cards for passengers arriving at the place of accommodation. Accommodation business operations include hotels, motels, guesthouses, hostels, holiday resorts, bed and breakfast, campsites or other accommodation services of a professional basis. The obligation is based on the Act on Accommodation and Food Service Operations ( ...

Do the following

The passenger card may be completed not only by the passenger but also by the accommodation business operator or a member of their personnel on the basis of the information provided by the passenger in advance. If the passenger is accompanied by their spouse and underage children, the details of all family members must be entered on the same passenger card. In case of a group tour, the leader of the tour group may enter details of all group members on a single passenger card.

A passenger card can be completed using the passenger card template (link is provided in the service description) or your own template showing the following information:

  • the passenger’s full name and Finnish personal identity code, or in the absence of this, date of birth and citizenship;
  • the full names and Finnish personal identity codes, or in the absence of these, the dates of birth of the spouse and underage children accompanying the passenger;
  • the passenger’s address;
  • the country from which the passenger arrives in Finland;
  • the number of the passenger’s travel document;
  • the passenger’s date of arrival at the accommodation and the date of departure if known.

The passenger must confirm the passenger information provided on the passenger card by their signature. The spouse and underage children accompanying the passenger do not have to sign a single passenger card individually. The leader of a tour group may in turn sign a single passenger card on behalf of the passengers travelling as part of the tour group.

Personnel of the accommodation business must verify the traveller’s identity from the passenger card upon accommodation or, in the case of a tour group, the group leader’s identity.

To whom and on what terms

The use of passenger cards must be adopted at the start of the business. The accommodation business operator must provide the passenger data on a foreigner without delay to the police department in whose district the accommodation business is located.

The accommodation business operator must keep the passenger cards and data for one year after signing the passenger card, after which they must be erased.

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