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Master plan

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The master plan is a general plan for managing the community structure, land use and transport network of the municipality. It assigns areas for such purposes as housing, places of employment, transport, nature conservation and recreation.

The master plan is presented on a map, and it also includes plan symbols and provisions as well as a planning statement. In Vantaa, a master plan is drawn up every ten years.

Typical issues to be resolved in the master plan include new major routes, the direction of urban expansion and location of specific functions, such as maintenance and storage facilities, waste treatment facilities and similar activities that cause environmental disturbance.

The master plan coordinates the local detailed plans and guides their formulation.

A master plan can apply to the entire municipality, and a partial master plan applies to a specific area of the municipality.

Vantaa currently has a master plan from 2007, and a partial master plan the Marja-Vantaa area. The 2020 master plan has been approved by the Vantaa City Council, but it is not yet in force.

Do the following

The municipality will provide the appropriate instructions for the parties that would like to take part in the planning process.

To whom and on what terms

All parties whose immediate circumstances or interests are affected by local master planning have the right to take part and have a say in the process.

Background information

The purpose of the local master plan is to lay out how the municipality plans to use regions and allocate land for housing, working life, traffic, recreation and other activities. Provisions on local master plans are contained in the Land Use and Building Act.

A municipality can draw up the local master plan alone or in cooperation with neighbouring municipalities (joint master plan).

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