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Tampere City Library consists of the main library Metso, 4 regional libraries, 10 branch libraries and 2 mobile libraries. At the regional libraries there are 3 Tietotori IT centres, where you can find computer classes and get professional help.

Tampere City Library offers spaces and collections for information, education and refreshment. At the library you can read and borrow, visit events, meet ...

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You can acquire your library card and the personal PIN code from the nearest library. The library will provide you with a card for borrowing materials in your municipality or from the library union operating in your municipality.

When collecting the library card, bring an identification, passport or, in exceptional circumstances, another identification card provided by the authorities. You cannot obtain a library card without a personal visit to the library. A child needs an application filled by his/her guardian for his/her library card.

To whom and on what terms

You can visit libraries freely and use materials such as magazines, books and digital materials; electronic magazines and databases. A library card is required for borrowing. The card's numeric code together with a personal PIN code serve as identifiers when using the online services.

Each library has its own user regulations. These regulations define the rights and responsibilities of the users.

Background information

Libraries are meeting places and culture centres open to everyone. Libraries offer magazines, books, music, films and other materials for your use either on site or to be borrowed and taken home. Libraries also offer room for studying, hobbies and passing time. In addition, guidance, assistance, events and exhibitions are organised. In libraries, you can connect to a wireless network and use computers equipped with the most common software. Many libraries also offer different kinds of items to be borrowed. Library staff provide help and assistance in all questions related to the available material and services.

Most libraries’ collections also include digital materials. The libraries’ national online services at the website are open for everyone, as well as the service of the National Library of Finland. Your own library also provides you with titles from the Multilingual Library and the library for the visually impaired, Celia. There is also a web-based library of material in signed languages, the Sign Language Library.

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Updated: 17/3/2022