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Land use permits

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Deviating from the regulations of the valid town plan is subject to a deviation permit, which must be obtained before applying for a building permit. A slight deviation to be resolved in connection with the building permission procedure is defined by the building inspection authority. Sometimes deviating from the regulations of the town plan requires changing the town plan. Before submitting an application for deviating from the town plan, contact the town plan designer/engineer of the planning area at the City Planning Department or the Building Control permit drafter. In Espoo, all areas that are not covered by the town plan are considered areas requiring planning. Construction work in these areas is subject to a separate decision and/or deviation permit, which must be obtained before applying for a building permit. Deviating from the rules, regulations, prohibitions and other restrictions stipulated in the Land Use and Building Act or adopted thereunder (for example, the regulations of the building code) is subject to a deviation permit. As a rule, the city’s permission, resolved in the City Planning Department, is required for dividing or splitting a property outside the town plan that is designated as a construction site. If the property is located in the town plan area, the parcelling of a plot is carried out, after the preparation of binding subdivision, by the Espoo Public Works Department city survey, from which the parcelling is applied for with a cadastral procedure application.

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