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Consumer education

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Subjects as part of which consumer education can be provided include history and civics, home economics, visual arts, mother tongue, economic education and media education.

The National Core Curriculum for basic education includes a skills entity called “Taking care of personal well-being and everyday skills”, which entails the following consumer education themes:

  • sustainable consumption
  • management and participation at home
  • consumer rights and responsibilities
  • personal finance

The skills entity called “Multiliteracy”, referred to in the Core Curriculum, also develops the pupils’ consumer and financial skills.

The FCCA’s online service for teachers provides material and ideas that teachers can use when giving consumer education.

Do the following

The consumer education material published by FCCA has been stored on the website under the section Consumer Education. In addition, ideas and discussion related to the subject is regularly published in Finnish on the Facebook site Kuka kasvattaa ketä? (Who’s educating who?) and in the blog.

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The service is free of charge.

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Responsible for the serviceThe Finnish Competition and Consumer Authority
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