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Pensions are not paid out automatically. That means that you have to apply for your pension before you retire.

There is a separate application form for each pension benefit. You should apply for your pension approximately two months before you want to retire. You can apply for an old-age, disability or survivors’ pension from both the earnings-related and the national pension systems on the same form.

As a rule, the pension provider in which the majority of your earnings have been insured in the last two calendar years issues the pension decision, pays out your pension and answer your questions about the decision.

If you have earned a pension in a foreign country, apply for that pension on the same form as you apply for your Finnish pension. Simply fill in Appendix U (with information on your work and living abroad) and attach it to your application.

How do I claim my old-age pension?

You can apply for your old-age pension when you reach your retirement age. You can apply for this pension from both the earnings-related and the national pension scheme (Kela) at the same time.

You have to stop working before you can get your old-age pension. Resign from your job according to the terms of notice of your collective agreement.

How do I claim a partial old-age pension?

You can retire on a partial old-age pension as of age 61. You can take out 25% or 50% of the amount of pension that you have earned so far.

If you decide to take out a part of your pension early, the part of your pension that you take before reaching your retirement age will be permanently reduced.

How do I claim a disability pension?

The length of the period for which you have received a sickness allowance determines when you can apply for a disability pension and the cash rehabilitation benefit. When you have received a sickness allowance for 150 days, Kela will notify you either of your rehabilitation opportunities or encourage you to apply for a disability pension. You should submit the pension application at this point to make sure that it can be processed before your right to a sickness allowance comes to an end.

How do I claim a survivors' pension?

There are two survivors’ pensions: the surviving spouse’s pension and the orphan’s pension. These pensions replace income that is lost when a family wage earner dies.

You can apply for the surviving spouse’s pension with form 7004e and an orphan’s pension with form 7005e (separately for each child).

Do the following

You can apply for your pension online from most pension providers using their electronic application service (available in Finnish or Swedish).

If your own pension provider does not offer an online application service, you can fill in a paper form or print out a form that you have filled in online. Go to the footer or menu of to find the form.

If you work in the private sector or are self-employed, you can hand in your application to any pension provider, the Finnish Centre for Pensions, a Mela insurance agent or a Kela office. If you work in the public sector, that is, for a local government, the State, Kela or the Evangelical Lutheran Church, apply for your pension from Keva.

Attach medical statement B, detailing your health, to your application for a disability pension. If you are not receiving or applying for a sickness allowance, you can apply directly for a cash rehabilitation benefit or a disability pension.

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