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Applying for postponement of alternative civil service

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You can apply for up to three years of postponement of alternative civil service at a time. You can send your application before or during the service. Grounds for postponement include e.g. uncompleted studies, financial situation, health reasons or other personal reasons.

At the end of the postponement period, you will receive a letter ordering you to attend a training period. If you have already completed the training period, you will be required to find a work placement for completing your alternative civil service and notify the Civilian Service Centre of your placement. You will then receive an order to complete your service at the placement in question.

Do the following

Complete the postponement application form and send it to the Civilian Service Centre. If you are applying on the grounds of health reasons, complete the form and send it to the Civilian Service Centre.

Attach the required documents to your application:

  • an extract of your student records or a certificate of acceptance of a study place, or
  • certificates of loans or debt, a payment plan, payroll statement and a copy of a current employment contract, or
  • a B medical statement issued by a physician.

The processing time is approximately one week. The length of the postponement is specified in the decision. If you wish to end the postponement before the specified date, you can notify the Civilian Service Centre in writing.

To whom and on what terms

You can apply for up to three years’ postponement at a time. Make sure you send your application well in advance before the start of your service. A pending application is not a valid reason to not start attending your service on the scheduled date.

You can apply for postponement up to and including the year in which you turn 28.

The service is free of charge.

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