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The Central Organisation of Finnish Trade Unions SAK

Alternative name SAK

The Central Organisation of Finnish Trade Unions (SAK) represents the interests of approximately 900,000 members organised in 17 affiliated trade unions. This makes SAK the largest lobbying organisation in Finland.

SAK is a confederation of 17 trade unions in industry, the public sector, transport, private services and culture. These unions have a total of approximately 900,000 members, and promoting the emotional and material welfare of these individuals is the prime concern of SAK.

Contact information


Visiting address
Pitkänsillanranta 3
00530 Helsinki

Organisation identification data
Business ID: 0202092-9

+358 20774000 
(local/mobile network fee)

SAK toll-free number for joining a union (only in Finland, at 9–16 Monday to Friday)
(free of charge)

SAK website

Website – Find your trade union

Postal address
PO Box 157
00531 Helsinki