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Industry-specific insurances

There are special mandatory types of insurance for certain industries. They include statutory general liability insurance, i.e. patient, environmental and motor vehicle insurance. Acquire this insurance from an insurance company of your choice.

Patient insurance

If your company is in the health and medical care sector, it must take out patient insurance. Take out the insurance if your company provides, for example, massage or ambulance services. 

Patient insurance covers personal injury sustained when a patient is given medical treatment or provided with health care services. The cause of a personal injury could, for example, be an accident, a piece of equipment, or harm resulting form treatment.

Environmental insurance

You must take out environmental insurance for your company if its activities cause harm to the environment or if your business is associated with the risk of environmental damage. Take out the insurance if your company is in the mining sector or chemical industry, for example.

Environmental insurance covers such areas as personal injury, material damage and the costs of preventing damage.  It is normally mandatory, if your company’s activities require an environmental permit.

Motor vehicle insurance

If your company owns motor vehicles or trailers used on the road, it must take out motor vehicle insurance for each of them. Take out the insurance if your company is, for example, in the passenger or goods transport sector.

Motor vehicle insurance covers loss and damage caused by your company’s vehicle or trailer to persons and to vehicles and property owned by other parties. 

More information on statutory insurance is available form the website of the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health.Opens in a new window.

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Updated: 31/1/2019