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The youth services of the city of Vaasa offer youngsters in Vaasa versatile low step services in everyday life as well as leisure times. There are six youth clubs in Vaasa, a youth information and guidance centre called Reimari, immigrant coordinator and a youth café called Café Kultsa. In addition, the youngsters are offered musical and band training in the Rock school (Rokkikoulu) and action at the skate hall. Vaasa also has an active youth council. More information can be found on their web pages.

Do the following

More information about the club and event happenings can be found on the web pages of Reimari as well as the youth clubs.

To whom and on what terms

All municipal residents under the age of 29 are entitled to use the municipal youth services.

The service is free of charge.

Background information

Youth work consists of both professional youth work and voluntary work among young people. Professional youth work includes educating and meeting young people.

Youth work is the responsibility of the municipality. The municipality co-operates with associations and other operators.

Basic information

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Responsible for the serviceCity of Vaasa
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Updated: 9/17/2020