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Waste Transport

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It is obligatory for all residential buildings to use waste management services organized by the municipality. Waste management in Sipoo is taken care of Rosk 'n Roll waste management services.

The most common way to use waste management services is to acquire a waste container, either by buying or renting one. Inhabitants can organize their waste management by signing a contract for their house ...

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You may sign up for waste management services at the Rosk 'n Roll online service, or by contacting the company customer service.

Background information

Property holders must provide waste reception points from where the waste carriers can collect the waste. The reception point (waste container) may be the responsibility of one or more properties. The mixed waste container of a single-family house is typically emptied once every two weeks. If the property sorts waste for recycling or composts biowaste, the interval at which the waste containers are emptied may be extended if necessary, as laid down in waste management regulations.

Waste transport may be organised by the municipality, in which case the municipal waste utility puts the waste transport out to tender. Alternatively, the waste transport may be arranged by the property holder, in which case the waste holder will order the waste transport from a waste carrier company operating in the area. The municipal waste management authority decides which of these waste transport systems is used in the municipality.

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Rosk 'n Roll -jätehuoltopalvelu

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The Municipality of Sipoo
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Updated: 20/7/2021