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Waste import and export permits and procedures

  • Permit or other obligation
  • Nationwide
  • Public service

International shipments of waste are governed by the EU Waste Shipment Regulation. The shipment of waste from one country to another usually requires a waste shipment permit. For example, in the case of shipments of non-hazardous, or so-called green-listed waste for recovery within the EU or OECD, a lighter procedure is applied.

The waste exporter must determine,

  • whether a waste shipment permit is required (so-called notification procedure) or
  • whether the green-listed waste shipment procedure is applied.

The Finnish Environment Institute provides advice, guidance and training on international waste shipments including both waste shipments that require a permit procedure and so-called green-listed, or non-hazardous waste shipments.

The website contains up-to-date information, instructions and forms.

Waste shipment notifications are processed in accordance with the EU Waste Shipment Regulation (1013/2006), which defines the permit process and processing times.

If a waste shipment permit is applied for online via the waste transfer portal, the company will be able to monitor the processing steps via the portal.

Do the following

The waste shipment notification is submitted to the competent authority of the country of dispatch, which in Finland is the Finnish Environment Institute. The notification is usually submitted online via the system for international waste shipments (Finnish TFS). Before the waste shipments may begin, the Finnish Environment Institute, the destination and possible transit authorities must approve the waste shipment notification, or give permission for the waste shipment.

The permit should be applied for well in advance of the planned waste shipments. When planning a waste shipment, you should contact the Finnish Environment Centre for instructions.

To whom and on what terms

The waste exporter is responsible for determining whether a waste shipment permit is required (so-called notification procedure) or whether the so-called green-listed waste shipment procedure is applied. The shipment of waste from Finland that is subject to permit requires a waste shipment permit granted by the Finnish Environment Institute as well as authorisations for the shipment from the country of destination and from possible countries of transit. Again, when shipment of green-listed waste is concerned, the waste shipment must be accompanied by the form provided for in Annex VII of the Waste Shipment Regulation. In addition, the exporter and the consignee must enter an agreement that fulfils certain conditions.

A fee is charged for the service.

A waste shipment permit is subject to a fee.


There is not time limit for applying for a waste shipment permit.

Processing time

Processing times for different stages are defined in the EU Waste Shipment Regulation.

Period of validity

Waste shipment permits are usually valid for one year. The maximum period is 3 years.

Background information

Consolidated regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council on shipments of waste (EC) No 1013/2006

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