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Voluntary energy audit

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Voluntary and supported Motiva energy audits are comprehensive surveys of energy use and energy-saving opportunities for small and medium-sized enterprises and municipalities.

The Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment supports the voluntary energy audits of small and medium-sized enterprises and municipalities. The support is conditional – the recipient must comply with the implementation and reporting guidelines specific to the audit model and use auditors certified by Motiva.

Do the following

1 Visit Motiva’s website for instructions on auditing and to learn about the various audit models.

2 Select the audit targets.

3 Select auditors who have been qualified by Motiva. Auditors can be from the same organisation or third-party auditors.

4 Apply for support through Business Finland’s e-services. If you apply for support, the audit cannot start before the support application has been submitted.

5 Carry out the audit in accordance with the instructions.

6 Submit a payment application through Business Finland’s e-services.

7 Implement the energy-saving measures found in the energy audit.

You can find more detailed instructions for conducting an energy audit on the Motiva website.

To whom and on what terms

The service is free of charge.

Basic information

The service is provided byMotiva
Responsible for the serviceEnergy Authority
Area Whole Finland
Available languagesFinnish, Swedish
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Updated: 6/5/2021