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Vehicle mortgages

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A vehicle mortgage enables the mortgaging of specific vehicles in the Vehicular and Driver Data Register as security for repayment of a debt. Entrepreneurs and companies can use a vehicle as mortgage-backed security.

Trafi is the registration authority for mortgages. Trafi also ensures that the agreement has been drawn up in accordance with current legislation and regulations and that the interests of all parties are safeguarded.

Do the following

Using the PDF forms, you can apply for a 10-year mortgage, or renew or cancel a mortgage. In addition, a vehicle can be registered in the mortgage register, if its properties are such that it cannot be registered for traffic use. A mortgage inspection for a vehicle is performed at an inspection office, which will issue a certificate of mortgage registration.

Once completed, the forms related to the mortgage can be delivered along with necessary appendices to the Finnish Transport Safety Agency Trafi, Vehicle mortgages, P.O. Box 9, 96101 Rovaniemi.

To whom and on what terms

  • Passenger cars (M1) and vans (N1) cannot be mortgaged.
  • A bearer bond concerning a vehicle mortgage can only be allocated to one vehicle at a time.
  • All prerequisites for registration must be met before a vehicle can be registered for a mortgage and a mortgage application processed.
  • The registration of a mortgage on a vehicle for several bonds may be applied for at once.
  • A mortgaged vehicle cannot be decommissioned and taken abroad or to Åland, nor permanently deregistered without cancelling the mortgage.
  • All information in the mortgage register maintained by a public authority is a matter of public record. Information on whether there is a mortgage on a particular vehicle can be obtained by submitting an enquiry to the Vehicular and Driver Data Register. Detailed information on encumbrances on a vehicle may be obtained by ordering a certificate of mortgages for a fee from the agency handling vehicle mortgage information.
  • The date of the mortgage issue is the date the mortgage application is processed by Trafi.

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