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Training for the person responsible for a company’s energy audit

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The person responsible for a company’s energy audit is responsible for ensuring that a large company’s energy audit and the included target audits meet the requirements of the Energy Efficiency Act and the related decrees.

The Energy Authority issues qualifications of persons responsible for a company’s energy audit. The person responsible must take part in training and pass the test. The training and test handle legislation related to audits, the company’s energy audits, target audits, reporting and information submitted to the Energy Authority.

Do the following

Register for the training for people responsible for a company’s energy audit. You can find open training courses for persons responsible in Motiva Oy’s event calendar.

To whom and on what terms

Persons participating in the qualification training of a person responsible for a company’s energy audit are required to have at least a Bachelor’s degree, a UAS Bachelor’s degree or other equivalent degree in the field of technology, environment or energy. A degree in engineering or technology that corresponds to the previous educational system can be considered to be of an equivalent level. A previous degree in technology, energy or the environment that corresponds to the current first-cycle university degree level can also be considered a suitable degree level.

Minimum of three years of work experience in expert or similar tasks in the energy, production, real estate or environmental sectors can be accepted as adequate substitute work experience for the qualification.

A fee is charged for the service.

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Updated: 29/1/2021