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Test cards for certificates

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Test cards are used for testing technical functionality when activating certificates or during system development projects. Test cards can be used, for example, for testing card readers or logging into different data systems or applications. Test cards only work in test systems.

The data content of the test cards is otherwise the same as the data content of the production certificates. The person ...

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Ordering a test card

Test cards are ordered from e-services. If your organisation does not yet have an e-services account, you can create one by registering for the service.

One order may include up to 20 test cards. The selection of test cards is limited and the personal data (e.g. names or personal identity codes) included in the cards cannot be changed.

The test cards are delivered in the order they were ordered in. Due to high demand, delivery times may be exceeded.

Revoking test cards

Test card certificates can also be revoked. To specify the card(s) whose certificates are to be revoked, provide the following details by email to varmennepalvelut(at)

  • Title on card
  • Name of test person
  • The two serial numbers on the card (front and back of the card)

After the revocation is complete, a confirmation message will be sent to your email address.

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Digital and Population Data Services Agency
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Updated: 14/7/2023