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Supporting a citizens’ initiative

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You can support a citizens’ initiative, which gives citizens the opportunity to have their legislative motion submitted to Parliament. A citizens’ initiative can be used to propose a new act or to amend or repeal existing legislation.

If the initiative receives at least 50,000 statements of support confirmed by the Digital and Population Data Services Agency within six months of the initiation, the representative of the initiative may submit the initiative to Parliament for consideration.

You cannot cancel a given statement of support.

Do the following

You can browse pending initiatives online at Submit a statement of support for an initiative created in by identifying yourself electronically.

You can also submit the statement on paper if the initiator of the citizens’ initiative in question collects paper statements of support. A statement of support on paper must be submitted on a form approved by the Ministry of Justice. You can ask the persons responsible for the initiative.

You can also submit a statement of support in the online service arranged by the initiator, if the initiator has arranged such an alternative. You can ask the persons responsible for the initiative about this possibility.

To whom and on what terms

The citizens’ initiative can be supported by any Finnish citizen entitled to vote.

The service is free of charge.

Basic information

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Responsible for the serviceThe Ministry of Justice
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Updated: 27/7/2022