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Responsible for the service The Municipality of Sipoo

Supplementary day care for children in pre-primary education age

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Supplementary day care is available in the morning before pre-primary education begins and in the afternoon after pre-primary education is over.

In Sipoo pre-primary education is given in units located in schools and kindergartens. After the day in pre-primary education, guardians will either pick up their child or the child will attend supplementary day care in the same care unit.

Pre-primary education in Finnish in Northern Sipoo

  • Jokipuisto Preschool (Villa Solåker)
  • Leppätien koulu (Language Immersion)
  • Nikkilän Sydän
  • Talman koulu
  • Lehmuslinna Preschool (Private)

Pre-primary education in Finnish in Southern Sipoo

  • Sipoonlahden koulu (Learning Villages E and F)
  • Metsärinne Day Care Centre (Language Immersion)
  • Poco Day Care Centre (Private, Emphasis on Music)

Pre-primary education in Swedish in Northern Sipoo

  • Kyrkoby skola
  • Södra Paipis skola
  • Nickby Day Care Centre (Private)

Pre-primary education in Swedish in Southern Sipoo

  • Söderkulla skola
  • Gumbostrand skola
  • Salpar skola
  • Boxby skola

Do the following

Information about enrolment time to pre-primary school and primary school will be sent to families.

Background information

There are four hours of pre-primary education every morning. If a child participates in pre-primary education at a day-care centre, the afternoon following the teaching consists of normal day-care centre activities. After pre-primary education provided at a lower comprehensive school, the children either go home or are accompanied to a day-care centre or, for example, club activities.

The child’s guardian is responsible for ensuring that the child participates in pre-primary education or activities that meet its objectives during the school year that precedes the start of compulsory education.

Basic information

The service is provided byThe Municipality of Sipoo
Responsible for the serviceThe Municipality of Sipoo
Area Sipoo
Available languagesFinnish, Swedish
Text edited by: The Municipality of Sipoo
Updated: 8/11/2021