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Submission of the electricity distribution network operator's development plan

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Electricity distribution network operators shall prepare a development plan for their distribution network every two years. The plan shall include detailed measures that systematically and over the long term improve the reliability and security of the distribution network and the implementation of which will lead to the fulfilment and maintenance of the security of supply requirements laid down in the Electricity Market Act in the distribution network.

The development plan and the changes made to it must be submitted to the Energy Authority. Within six months of receipt of the plan, the Energy Authority shall have the right to require the distribution network operator to make changes to the development plan if there is reason to suspect that the measures under the development plan will not lead to the required level of security of supply required by law or if the development plan does not meet the requirements laid down for it.

The Energy Authority has issued a more detailed regulation and instructions supporting it on the information provided in the development plan and its delivery to the Energy Authority.

Do the following

Read the Finnish Energy Authority's regulation and instructions and submit the plan to the Finnish Energy Authority's monitoring data system (VATI).

To whom and on what terms

Electricity distribution network operators shall submit development plans.

The service is free of charge.


Development plans are submitted every two years. The plans must be submitted next by 30 June 2020.

Basic information

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