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Lappeenranta Swimming Hall’s rental saunas

  • Service location

Lappeenranta Swimming Hall has 2 rental sauna facilities, which are rented out for meetings and/or swimming.

Rental sauna 1 (fireplace room)

  • suitable for meetings
  • fireplace room 20–30 people
  • sauna 5–10 people
  • fireplace, kitchenette, TV, fridge and some kitchen equipment

Rental sauna 2

  • seating area and sauna 5–10 people
  • small refrigerator, TV

Price list

Starting 1 January 2 ...

Visiting address

Pohjolankatu 29
53100 Lappeenranta

Other contact details

Telephone number

Uimahallin kassa
+358 401309191 
(local/mobile network fee)
Urheilutalon info, tilavaraukset
+358 400157504 
(local/mobile network fee)


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Updated: 22/3/2023