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Responsible for the service Finnish Safety and Chemicals Agency (Tukes)

Responsibility mark on articles of precious metals

  • Permit or other obligation
  • Nationwide
  • Public service

Articles of precious metals available and meant to be sold on the Finnish market must contain a responsibility mark and a fineness mark, which indicates the fineness of the precious metal, registered by Tukes or alternatively, a hallmark and fineness mark issued by an approved assay office. The manufacturer, importer or retailer of the article of precious metals is responsible for ensuring that the article on sale has the necessary marks.

You do not always need to apply for a responsibility mark. Here are some examples of exceptions:

• a company sells light articles of precious metals – articles of gold, platinum or palladium that weigh LESS THAN 1 g or articles of silver that weigh LESS THAN 10 g

• an imported item with a CCM (Common Control Mark)

• an article of precious metals has a hallmark issued by an approved assay office that is within the EU and fulfils the requirements set in Finnish legislation

• the responsibility mark of a foreign manufacturer of articles of precious metals has been registered in Tukes.

Do the following

Responsibility marks are processed in the e-services. You need online banking IDs or a mobile certificate to identify on the e-services. You can choose the right form on the e-services; are you applying for a responsibility mark, confirming a responsibility mark registration, transferring a responsibility mark to another company, finishing a responsibility mark registration or notifying about changed contact details.

To whom and on what terms

A responsibility mark is a capital letter or a combination of capital letters. Only a company that has been registered in the Trade Register may apply for a responsibility mark.

The holder of a responsibility mark must notify Tukes about any changes in the company. Such changes include, for example, the company’s contact details, any changes in the company (such as company type) and changing the contact person.

If the company is located in another EEA state and it offers articles of precious metals to the Finnish market, it can apply for a responsibility mark of their own with a separate form.

A fee is charged for the service.


You must apply for a right to use the responsibility mark before using it.

Processing time

The processing time of a responsibility mark application (with all the required attachments) is approximately one to two weeks. The time estimate applies to a fully completed form and a mark sample. The manufacturing of a mark often takes several weeks.

Period of validity

The registration of a responsibility mark must be confirmed every three years with a separate form.

Basic information

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