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Residential activity facilities

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Residential activity facilities act as common living rooms of all local people. They offer opportunities to meet and spend time with other people and participate in various activities.

During opening hours, you can drop by a residential activity facility to have a cup of coffee, chat with other people or ask for advice. Residential activity facilities organise a wide range of recreational and club activities. Residential activity facilities are equipped with public access computers and they offer support for using digital services. Community lunches are organised in residential activity facilities on specific days. Community lunches utilise the Yhteinen pöytä food waste service.

Residential activity facility activities are always provided free of charge. There is zero tolerance for all forms of discrimination. The city’s community workers are responsible for the operation of residential activity facilities and they cooperate with local volunteers, operators and organisations. All are welcome to join the community coffee breaks held in residential activity facilities. At these meetings, you have the opportunity to meet other people and develop workshops and events together.

Residential activity facilities are reserved via the Timmi reservation system. Residential activity facilities have cupboards for storing your personal belongings, if you have booked the facilities for regular use.

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Updated: 24/6/2022