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Registration of slaughterhouses in the bonus system

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The slaughterhouses have the possibility to register in the bonus system on the basis of which the farmers will be paid animal bonuses for slaughtered cattle, sheep and goats.

Since the beginning of 2015, a bonus for a slaughtered lamb and goatling and heifer may have been granted for a lamb, goatling or heifer slaughtered in a reindeer slaughterhouse referred to in paragraph 22 or in a slaughterhouse referred to in paragraph 23 article 6 § of the Food Act (23/2006) that has been registered in the bonus system in accordance with the instruction given by the Finnish Food Authority.

Do the following

A slaughterhouse may register in the bonus system using the electronic form or sending a registration application in free form by e-email to teurastamot(at)

To whom and on what terms

The slaughterhouse that has been registered in the bonus system undertakes to observe the existing legislation regarding the identification and the notifications to the register: articles 12, 13, 15, 20, and 21 § of the Animal Identification Act (238/2010). The slaughterhouse undertakes to make the animal register notifications properly and in the prescribed time. This means that the notification to the registers shall be made within 7 days and the carcass weights shall be indicated in kilograms expressed to the decimals.

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